Thinking About Your Family's Future?

Meet with an estate planning attorney in Pottstown, PA

Do you know what will happen to your family when you're no longer here? De-mystify the future with a visit to Prince & Kurtas Attorneys at Law in Pottstown, PA. An estate planning attorney can help you make sure your family's future is protected.

You can also prepare for long-term care by creating a living will and establishing a power of attorney. It's never too soon to visit an estate planning attorney. But, if you wait too long, it could be too late.

Structure your estate with a wills and trust attorney

Knowing what your wishes are is one thing. Putting them into legal documents is another. A wills and trusts planning attorney can help you decide what will happen to your...

  • Property. Use trusts to transfer property after your death without going through the lengthy probate process.
  • Pets. Make special provisions for your animal companions through your will or special pet trusts.
  • Children. Plan for your minor or disabled children by naming guardians in your will and creating trusts.

Take care of your family, no matter what happens. Call 610-323-7700 right now to make an appointment with a wills and trusts attorney in Pottstown, Pennsylvania today. We also serve the surrounding area.