Investing in Real Estate?

Don't buy or sell without consulting a skilled real estate attorney in Pottstown, PA

The biggest investments you'll probably ever make will be in real estate. Whether you're buying your first home or fifth investment property in the Pottstown, PA area, you need a good real estate attorney on your side. Prince & Kurtas Attorneys at Law can help you with residential refinancing, sales, purchases and investments.

Does your latest property tax assessment seem high? Ask a seasoned real estate attorney how you can challenge it.

When to work with a commercial property attorney

Non-residential properties present special issues best left to a commercial property attorney. Prince & Kurtas Attorneys at Law handles a range of complicated commercial property transactions, such as...

  • Transferring church-owned property
  • Buying and selling school buildings
  • Refinancing commercial properties

Dial 610-323-7700 before you buy, sell, transfer or refinance a commercial property. An attorney from the Pottstown, Pennsylvania region can simplify even the most complicated real estate transaction.